Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Photography : Karolina Samborska

With the decrease in public lighting, the density of traffic or the lack of vigilance of users, meeting zones between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians require special attention.

LED security lighting of a crosswalk at the exit of a roundabout.
Municipality of Claye Souilly.

  • ECO-848 Extra Low Voltage Roadside Beacon
  • Bidirectional 2×8 blue LED
  • Very low light emission to the sky


EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE > Embedded low-voltage studs

The ECO-848 road stud allows you to secure your facilities with the contribution of a sign on the ground.

It has many advantages:

  • Powerful LED lighting
  • Extra Low power consumption (2W)
  • Extreme robustness
  • Customised control (light programs, interactions)

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