Recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) enables a large proportion of the components used to be recovered, thus preserving natural resources.

Eco-Innov is a founder member of a network that recycles professional WEEE, managed by the accredited eco-organisation Recylum.  We pay for our customers’ electronic safety, lighting and regulation equipment to be collected at the end of its working life in order to meet our legal obligations and help them to meet theirs.

Eco-Innov is thus one of the first producers to offer its customers a simple and free solution for collecting their professional WEEE, regardless of when it was marketed. The equipment is collected via a network of professional waste collection centres and certain wholesalers in metropolitan France and French overseas territories.

See our partner’s website: Recylum

Eco-Innov is also a member of the accredited eco-organisation Screlec, which is responsible for collecting, recycling and reusing the accumulators contained in some of our solar equipment

See our partner’s website: Screlec

We incorporate recycling requirements into our future products right from the development stage in order to meet our commitments with regard to the eco-organisations Récylum et Screlec. Eco-design has thus become one of our priority areas of work, as illustrated by our latest innovation.

Our ECO-120 embedded solar stud intended for lighting “green” corridors was designed from the outset so that each component would be easy to remove at the end of its working life. In this way, any that are still functioning can be recycled and reused.