GPS-synchronised flashing beacon

To enhance the safety of pedestrian crossings exposed to heavy traffic, Eco-Innov has come up with a solar stud with a unique design combining luminous power and robustness.

Pedestrian crossings are safer in the evening and at night thanks to its GPS option, which enables all the bollards to flash synchronously.

Installation in Bernin, Parc Technologique des Fontaines (France). 10 solar-powered studs on either side of the pedestrian crossing between 2 buildings belonging to the same company.

  • ECO-160A embedded solar stud (aluminium cover)
  • Unidirectional low-beam lighting 3 blue LEDs
  • GPS-synchronised flashing (1 flash per second)
  • Sand-blasted black 100 anodised finish (cover + tank)


EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE > Embedded low-voltage studs

The new ECO-160 solar stud offers the most advanced design in terms of robustness and allows all the solar beacons to flash synchronously on a site:

  • Autonomous beaconing
  • High mechanical strength
  • Integrated GPS technology
  • Aluminium or stainless steel covers

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