Introduction to the Eco-Innov FAQ

Welcome to the Eco-Innov FAQ, where you’ll find answers to your questions about our products, services and commitment to the environment.

1. What is a solar stud?

The solar stud is an energy-saving solution for luminous beaconing, involving no energy consumption and minimal civil engineering costs (no connection to the electricity network). How does it work? Photovoltaic cells store solar energy during the day in an accumulator or a condenser, to restore it at night-time in the form of a self-contained illuminated lighting system using diodes (LEDs).


2. What is a diode (LED)?

A Light-Emitting Diode (LED), is an opto-electronic component that glows when an electric current passes through it. LEDs present many advantages over traditional light sources, including:
– excellent mechanical resistance (to shocks, crushing, vibrations)
– low to very low electricity consumption (only tens of milliwatts)
– very long lifespan (from 50,000 to 100,000 hours)

+ info: wikipedia/LED


3. What are the applications of this technology?

When used appropriately, photovoltaic solar technologies represent an alternative to traditional electric lighting solutions in fields as varied as urban development, road signalling, lighting and beaconing.

We incorporate photovoltaic solar technology mainly in decorative or safety beaconing on roads (for cars, motorcycles, cyclists, pedestrians, disabled people, etc.) but other uses and applications are possible.

In order to accompany you in your specific projects, we evaluate the requirements of each site, by carrying out studies concerning viability, energy consumption and implementation.

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4. What is lifespan of a solar stud?

The average lifespan of a solar stud is 5 years (model with accumulator/rechargeable battery) or 10 years (model with condenser). On certain models, carrying out maintenance (changing the accumulator after 5 years or the complete electronic module after 10 years) can prolong the lifespan. Our solar studs equipped with an accumulator (or rechargeable battery) come with a limited 1-year guarantee, and the studs equipped with a condenser have a 2-year guarantee.


5. Do you have any exemples of energy-saving lighting solutions?

One example is road studs equipped with solar sensors and LEDs, which restore sunlight accumulated during the day at night-time (main applications: beaconing of roads, roundabouts, cycle paths, etc.). This technology is also used by Eco-Innov’ for decorative applications (architectural embedded lighting).
Finally, we propose solar beacons with LEDs, solar street lamps and solar illuminated signalling panels to secure the exits from schools and pedestrian crossings. In addition to saving energy, these solutions do away with the need for certain expensive operations such as cable or transformer installation.

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6. Who is Eco-Innov'?

Eco-Innov is an equipment company specialised in energy-saving lighting and illuminated signalling, based in Grenoble, France. We have been designing and distributing solar lighting and beaconing solutions for 5 years via a network of agencies throughout France and its overseas territories.

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7. Who uses Eco-Innov' products?

We have been responsible for installing the self-contained blinking lights for the Bastille cable car in Grenoble, solar beaconing along the cycle path on the banks of the River Rhone in Lyon, the lighting of public squares in Dijon, emergency lighting for the new INEED (sustainable development centre) building close to the Valence high-speed train station, etc.

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8. How can I contact Eco-Innov'?

For any further information, requests, estimates, orders, we invite you tu use our online Ask service or to visit our contact page. You can also get in touch with us directly by phoning us on +33 438 70 00 27. We will respond as soon as possible – Reminder: sale exclusively to professionals and companies.

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