1. Quality and durability of our products

The first way of minimising the environmental impact of our equipment is to make sure it is of high quality, durable and requires little maintenance.

Even though “zero defect” is an impossible standard to achieve, especially in the case of electronic equipment, our priority is to market equipment that has a long working life and can be upgraded.

For our low-voltage and solar ranges, we use LEDs with an estimated average lifespan of 100,000 hours as light source. Certain solar studs are also equipped with condensers having an average lifespan of more than 10 years.


2. Recycling products at the end of their working life

Eco-Innov’ is a founder member of a network that recycles professional WEEE, managed by the accredited eco-organisation Récylum. We pay for our customers’ electronic safety, lighting and regulation equipment to be collected at the end of its working life in order to meet our legal obligations and help them to meet theirs. See section on Recycling.


3. Eco-design

We incorporate recycling requirements into our future products right from the development stage in order to meet our commitments with regard to the eco-organisations Récylum and Screlec. Eco-design has thus become one of our priority areas of work, as illustrated by our latest innovation.

Our ECO-120 embedded solar stud intended for lighting “green” corridors was designed from the outset so that each component would be easy to remove at the end of its working life. In this way, any that are still functioning can be recycled and reused.


4. Digital communication

Most of our catalogues and technical documents have now been dematerialised via the Internet. We advise customers to print online documents only when strictly necessary.

All in-house correspondence is exclusively via email. Traditional letters and faxes are used for external correspondence only when strictly necessary.

Customer-relations management software is used to dematerialise the marketing, installation, monitoring and after-sales services for each project.


5. Eco-responsible purchasing policy

Companies with an ecological charter or that develop environment-friendly solutions are preferred to competing products or solutions.

Eco-Innov’ uses only 100% recycled or FSC-certified paper.

Eco-Innov’ is committed to raising the awareness of its suppliers, sub-contractors and partners concerning the advantages of working with environment-friendly companies.


6. Energy & Transport

Lighting: our offices are equipped with low-consumption lamps and are not lit at night or over the weekend.

Workstations: office computers, screens, printers, fax machines, etc. are switched off when not in use and in the evening. No electrical device is left in standby mode.

Limitation of air travel. We apply a carbon offset policy to compensate for any business trip by air.

Staff are encouraged to use less polluting transport modes (cycle, bus, tram, car-pooling, etc.).


7. Waste management

All waste is sorted and recycled. Each office has a waste bin and paper basket for recycling.

Rechargeable batteries are used for electronic equipment. Employees are supplied with chargers and recovery bins for spent batteries.

Polyethylene and aluminium containers are collected separately for recycling.

Printer toner cartridges are collected by specialised recycling companies.