Luminous guidance on pontoon

Photography: Chantal Briand

Ensuring the visibility of the pontoon in all weathers (fog, snow, night) thanks to powerful, warm lighting.

The ECO-870 extra-low-voltage lighting stud can be customised to provide up to 360° lighting, with a wide range of LED colours available. Its stainless steel alloy cover makes it extremely robust and suitable for use in the most extreme environments.

Installation of 21 units of ECO-870 beacons at a grazing angle of 225° on the access pontoon to the Pointe aux Canons lighthouse in the St-Pierre-et-Miquelon archipelago.

  • ECO-870 extra-low voltage lighting beacon
  • Low-beam light with 15 white 3000K LEDs
  • Highly resistant to corrosion (stainless steel cover, anodised bowl)
  • Made-to-measure IP68 connection system


EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE > Embedded low-voltage studs

The ECO-870 road stud allows securing your developments on the most demanding sites.

  • 45º to 360º beaconing
  • Very low power consumption (2W)
  • Extremely robust
  • Customised control (lighting programmes, interactions)

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