Light guidance for safety and ambience on a pontoon

Ensuring visibility of the lighthouse access pontoon in all weathers (fog, snow, night) thanks to powerful, warm lighting.

The ECO-870 ultra-low-voltage lighting stud can be customised to provide up to 360° lighting, with a wide range of LED colours available. Its stainless steel alloy cover makes it extremely robust, and suitable for use in the most extreme environments.

Installation of 21 units of the ECO-870 beacons at a grazing angle of 225° (5 out of 8 windows lit) on the access pontoon to the Pointe au Canon lighthouse in the St-Pierre-et-Miquelon archipelago.

Embedded low-voltage stud ECO-870
Lighting mode: fixed
LED colour: white 3000K
Beam angle: 225
Cover: 329LN stainless steel alloy
Customised support plate and wiring

PM: Direction des Territoires, de l’Alimentation et de la Mer (DTAM) (Department of Land, Food and Sea)
Photography : Chantal Briand