Hard-wired embedded road stud

Low-consumption luminous beaconing solution, suited to roads with regular heavy vehicle traffic. Easy maintenance via the cover.

IK10+ (100 Joules)
LED Colors

24 LED, Constant, Blinking, Sequential, 360º



Dimensions and weight
Upper diameter: 190 mm.
Total height (excluding stuffing-box): 105 mm.
Maximum diameter of holding ring (excluding stuffing-box): 161 mm.
Height above roadway: 13 mm in the centre of the stud (suitable for snowplough blades).

Aluminium base.
Stainless steel body and upper cover.
Polycarbonate screen to protect LEDs.
Recycling managed by Recylum.

Power supply and consumption
12V DC or 24V DC / 1.92 Wh or 3.84 Wh.
230V AC on request.

Electrical class 
Class III in standard version.
Class II in 230V AC version.

Working temperature range
-30°C to +85°C.

Suitable for intense traffic.
Withstands heavy vehicle traffic.

1 or 2 stuffing boxes and 3 metres of HO7RN-F 2×1.5 mm² cable by default.
Additional cable or pre-wired studs on request.

Pressure resistance
More than 60 tonnes on the surface of the stud.

Protection indices
IP 68 (watertightness).
IK 10 (impact resistance).


360° beaconing with 24 LEDs.
Constant, blinking or sequential mode.
LED colours: white, blue, green, red, amber.

1 – Decide where the studs are to be installed.

2 – Drill holes with a minimum diameter of 168 mm and 100 mm deep.

3 – Cut a groove at least 25 mm wide and 70 mm deep between the holes.

4 – Carefully brush and clean the holes to remove any dust and traces of damp that would affect the efficiency of the adhesive (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).

5 – Pour suitable adhesive into the holes and insert the pre-wired studs. Use a mallet to make sure they are flush with the ground surface. Make sure the LEDs are facing the right way and are parallel to the ground. Immediately clean any residual adhesive with a clean, dry rag. We recommend using Sikadur 30 two-component epoxy resin (grey seal) or Sika Fastfix 138 FTP hydraulic mortar (black seal).

6 – Place a weight on the stud until the adhesive has set (refer to the instructions).

IMPORTANT: Do not bend the cable where it leaves the stuffing box. Protect cables in a sheath. The guarantee may not apply if these instructions are not followed.

Lifespan and warranty
2-year warranty*
LED: 100,000 hours (> 10 years of round-the-clock operation).

* The warranty applies in the event of complete failure of the self-contained lighting system during normal usage. It covers replacement of the faulty article with an identical model delivered free of charge to destinations in metropolitan France, after the faulty article has been returned and analysed. Removal of the faulty article, installation of the new one and any mechanical damage are not covered by the warranty.


ECO-INNOV is a founder member of a network that recycles professional WEEE, managed by the eco-organisation Recylum. We pay for our customers’ electronic safety, lighting and regulation equipment to be collected at the end of its working life in order to meet our legal obligations and help them to meet theirs.

ECO-INNOV is thus one of the first producers to offer its customers a simple and free solution for collecting their professional WEEE, regardless of when it was marketed. The equipment is collected via a network of professional waste collection centres and certain wholesalers.

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