LED markings for user safety

With the decrease in public lighting, the density of traffic or even the lack of users vigilance, the areas where motorists, cyclists and pedestrians meet are seeing more and more traffic accidents. In this complex environment, the lighting on the ground strengthens the attention of users.

Our solar embedded stud ECO-143 is a completely autonomous LED beacon intended to improve safety, particularly within urban areas. This device is also available in an extra low voltage ECO-843 wired version, with increased light output and remote control possibilities.

Robust, to be installed directly on the road; Aesthetic, with its roadway nail design and versatile with its many options, it will adapt to all situations!

This video illustrates the securing of a pedestrian crossing with ECO-143 solar studs, oriented towards the traffic in order to attract the attention of motorists and reduce their speed. The optics allows visibility of the LEDs from several hundred meters in a straight line.