Custom control of beacons and wired studs

Our range of micro-controllers allows a custom management of LEDs beacons and studs powered in extra low voltage (ELV).

Designed for the most demanding beaconing projects, our range of IP65 and IP68 micro controllers provides multiple automated control functions and remote system supervision possibilities. Thanks to a wide range of connectivity, communicating and interacting with other signalling devices becomes very simple: LED signs and lights, radars, detection loops, retractable bollards, etc.

The numerous possibilities of parameterisation offered by our micro-controllers make it possible to answer the most specific requests: 

• IP65 for installation in an electrical cabinet, IP68 for installation in a buried manhole

• Pilotage automatisé des plots lumineux en relation avec les équipements de signalisation

• Automated piloting of the luminous studs in relation with the signalling equipment

• Automatic regulation of the light output according to the ambient lighting

• Triggering controlled by existing signalling equipment (lights, loops, radars, etc.)

• Remote control and monitoring with 4G router and our dedicated software

Customisable beaconing

• LED Power
• Outdoor light sensor
• Lighting duration and intensity
• Light Modes

Automated lighting

• Flashing for speeding
• Synchronisation with traffic lights
• Synchronisation with public lighting
• Numerous sensors and actuators

Remote control

• Failure and peripherals monitoring
• Transmission of logs and alerts
• Remote control with 4G router
• Facilities safety


• Customised expansion boards
BT, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, NB-IoT
• Adding additional inputs
• Adding additional outputs


IP65 Micro-controller – ELV power supply not included

• Installation: for electrical cabinet
• Input: 12V DC or 24V DC
• Outputs: 1 to 6 lines of studs (optional extension)
• Connection: possible admission of dry contacts
• Standard size: 210 x 185 x 85mm 

Contrôleur LED étanche plots très basse tension Eco-Innov MC-529


IP68 Micro-controller – ELV power supply included

• Installation: for buried manhole
• Input: 230V AC
• Outputs: 1 to 9 lines of studs (optional extension)
• Connection: IP68 plug-in connectors
• Standard size: 280 x 190 x 130mm