Synchronised flashing beaconing of a pedestrian crossing

Our solution for enhancing the safety of a pedestrian crossing exposed to heavy traffic: a solar stud combining luminous power with robustness thanks to its unique design.

The new ECO-160 solar-powered stud offers the most advanced design in terms of robustness, while providing excellent light distribution. The GPS option enables all the bollards to flash synchronously, making pedestrian crossings safer in the evening and at night.

Installation in Bernin, Parc Technologique des Fontaines (France). 10 solar studs on either side of the pedestrian crossing between 2 buildings belonging to the same company.

ECO-160 A embedded solar stud
Light mode: GPS-synchronised flashing (1 flash/second)
LED colour: blue
Beaconing: unidirectional grazing 3 LEDs
Energy storage: Ni-Mh batteries
Cover: Anodised Black 100 sandblasted finish (cover + tank)

Project Management : Ville de Bernin
Photography : Jérôme Deduytsche, Utopik